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PHD Workshop

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The New Zealand Association of Economists is pleased to invite you to the 4th PhD Student Workshop in Economics. At this workshop, PhD students have the opportunity to present their work in progress in a friendly environment and receive feedback from academics and peers. In doing so, students will meet members of the broader New Zealand Economics community. As well as networking with other PhD students, there may also be the opportunity to meet senior Economists and discuss career options with a postgraduate degree.


Students will not be able to present the same workshop paper in an oral session at the NZAE conference which takes place later that week. However, they will be strongly encouraged to present their workshop paper concurrently as a poster in the main conference – and present a revised version in an oral session in subsequent years.

For: PhD students in Economics who are either New Zealand-based or are New Zealand students studying abroad. Preference will be given to PhD students in the first two years of their studies who register for the NZAE conference.

When: Monday, 29 June

Where: Motu seminar room, level 1/97 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 

How to Submit: Please email an abstract of not more than 250 words to Andrea Menclova. Deadlines for abstracts for this workshop will be the same as the conference deadlines. Please submit all abstracts by the 2nd of April. Abstracts will be reviewed by a programme committee and authors notified of acceptances by 22 April. All papers received will be circulated to participants, enabling a greater range of comments to the presenter at the workshop.

Cost: Registration for the workshop is free.

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