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Presenter Information 


Oral Presentations


Sessions are 1½ hours long with 3 presentations scheduled in each session. 30 minutes have been allocated for each paper, approximately 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. This then allows approximately 5 minutes for delegates to move to a different room for another presentation if they wish.

Please ensure that presentations are delivered in the order they appear in the programme and complete the presentation and discussion within the time allocated, even in cases where only two papers have been scheduled in a session. This will allow attendees to move between rooms if necessary.

Please be in the allocated room at least five minutes prior to the session starting to allow papers to be uploaded, ready to begin promptly at the beginning of the session. Bring your presentation with you on a USB - It is your responsibility to ensure your paper is uploaded correctly and presenting as desired.

Each room is equipped with a lectern, fixed microphone, built-in computer with data projector, and mouse. If other equipment is required, please arrange this prior to the conference.

Presentations should be in a format which is readable on PC computers.  

You do not need to bring copies of your paper with you. Conference papers will be linked to your presentation on the NZAE website.

Poster Presentations



The poster session will be held on Wednesday 3 July from 12.30-1.30 pm where you are required to be present. You need to bring your poster with you to the conference and it should be displayed from the beginning of the conference until the conclusion on Friday 5 July. (Note that if you are only coming for one day, you need to arrange for someone else to bring, display and remove your poster for you). Please note; You must be present for the above poster session.

You need to bring your A0 size poster - in PORTRAIT format, with you to the conference and it should be displayed on the provided poster boards from the beginning of the conference until the conclusion. Velcro dots will be provided for you to use. 


If you entered your paper for a prize (NZ Economic Policy, Statistics NZ, Stata Prize for Excellence in Graphics Communication, A R Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics or Seamus Hogan Research), your full paper needs to be submitted by 17th June 2024.

If you are not entered in one of the above prizes but wish to have your full paper to be linked to the online programme, please submit your paper by 22nd June. (Pease note; this is optional). 

If you require any additional information that is not mentioned above, or you have a query in regards to your speaking slot, please contact OnCue Conferences.

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